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Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Shikshan Sanstha's
Sahyadri Polytechnic
Approved by AICTE, DTE, Mumbai & Affiliated to MSBTE
DTE Code : D6544


Computer Engineering ( 60 Seats)

The aim of this course is to prepare the students to handle Hardware involved in Computer and also the Software programs (75% hardware and 25% software emphasis). The course exposes the students to the basic anatomy of the Computer and Micro Processor with special emphasis on memory peripherals and input/output devices.
1) Computer organization and net work is introduced with special emphasis on concept of net working, memory organization, models, etc.
2) The detailed programming and "C" language enables the students to prepare small program and get themselves introduced to vast potential of Computer applications. 3) The data base management as applied to business organizations imparts basic knowledge of Computer applications to business as well as Industry. Hardware engineering includes digital techniques to enable the students to get exposure to the sequential logic design, flip-flops, Timers, Semi Conductors memory etc.

Mechanical Engineering ( 120 Seats)

The aim of the course is to expose and prepare the students to handle various machines and equipment associated in manufacturing industry, transportation industry, etc. so that they can carry out maintenance and production operations. Students are therefore first exposed to the fundamentals governing the machines and energy utilized for conversion such as heat energy or fluid power along with basic mechanisms and materials involved. Students are also exposed to the modern techniques of computer applications related to their fields. The computer applications help them to get familiar with CAD, CAM, CNC operations, data acquisition management and maintenance. In the final year, students are encouraged to undertake projects related to manufacturing activity in industry so that their individual talent can be exhibited.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering ( 60 Seats)

The aim of this course is to educate students to handle different electronic devices, components and equipment. In modern days electronics is involved in almost all fields including entertainment, banking, defense, sports, and communication.
1) In new course the emphasis is given on mobile, pager, fax, photocopier, television, satellite telecommunication and biomedical field.
2) The basic courses in Industrial Electronics expose the students to various electronic devices in use and their applications in power sources, amplifiers, oscillators, linear integrated circuits, silicon controlled rectifiers etc. and other normal electronic instruments used in the maintenance and measurement techniques.
3) The final year students have to prepare projects based on syllabus, which are applicable in the industry.
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